Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

Antwort auf eine Bild-Antwort

bin Reisende in Worten der
Wind denkt mich - fühlt mich
Wolken schlummern
in meinen Armen Ozeane
stürmen hinein in den Tag
die Worte ergreifen das
Geheimnis des Lebens
weitumspannend die Frucht ich
will denken und fühlen und reisen
in Worten nicht schweigen
in diesem Moment
(c) Ursa


  1. hello!
    I still do not speak German, but I tried to translate what you wrote on my blog.
    Thanks a lot anyway for caring to share. unfortunately I didn't understand what you mean.
    If possible, answer me in English.
    Thank you again!

  2. Thank you for the answer.
    It's good for me knowing that you liked my blog. Feel free to join it whenever you want, if you want to.
    It's very important to share experiences and opinions about life.
    The world today is so lost... so are we.
    We need (to try) to understand life, understand people...
    The world isn't just us... there are many things that we don't know yet.
    The first 'step' is share our thoughts...
    So, thanks for this!


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